‘Denial.’ def.: She’s Dead and I Can’t Write About it

I want to write about my poor obese grandmother lying on her back with her mouth slack and her hair damp in a shabby government issue hospital bed, illuminated by a single flickering fluorescent blue ceiling light that can’t make up its mind.

I Have Not Forgotten You

This is for you, hungrily hunting for anyone/anything that will make your heartbeats sound like festival music and not a funeral march.

Oh, For The Love of Foundation!

“Lekin, this will make you look daaark!” She whispered the last word as if it was an oath and she was an 8 year old child. I was bemused.

Welcome To My Night of Relentless Horror

I wake up with a jerk just as my door opens and an old woman walks into my room. She looks at me for a couple of minutes. I stare back, my mouth dry, my heart fluttering, trying to escape.

Bashing Me(mes)

There’s no future time to accomplish things and get goals done – it’s basically right now. Right now is all we have, so don’t nap.

I Sold My Soul And It’s Making Me Nervous

They adopt a certain paternally forbearing attitude towards new (young) female employees, all the while checking them out head to toe. Oh, I added the (most) earlier because I didn’t want to wake up to a tinny chorus of “not ALL men!” in the morning.

Bye Bye Birdie

Now that I have no way of actually speaking to you, let me speak to you. Let me talk to you for a little while. Why don’t you make yourself a cup of coffee – even though it makes you sick – and settle in. This might take a bit of time.

To You, The Effortlessly Lonely

Understand that loneliness is not the absence of people. It is just absence. It is feeling like you have a pit where your stomach used to be, a well that keeps on sucking in any small moments of light and air that you might experience. Loneliness is greedy and it is selfish and it does not let up. 

Better Me Than You

Relationships, especially modern long term relationships, are as difficult as they are gratifying. Yes, you get the fabulous experience of always having someone to rely on and talk to and what’s more, they’re yours and isn’t that great? But then there are more insidious effects: you become so used to talking to them and relying on them and being around them, that when it ends, you’re left standing, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Another Story I Can’t Tell Anymore”

Everyone feels this, and everyone pretends they didn’t. For a split second, life stops. I see you, you see me; we take in each other: eyelashes, sunshine like crystal shattered in our eyes, frozen dust motes suspended in the air around us.

Exploring Tinderland

Gabriel, 25, from Spain loves to read obscure German novels but Andrew, 24, from Canada writes complex and tragic haiku! However will you choose?